Tenancy law

Attorney Talic is active in residential tenancy law with considerable emphasis on terminations and evictions.

In doing so, he represents both out of court and in court the interests of:

  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Landlord/Lessee
  • real estate companies

He provides the following services for clients in tenancy and lease law:

  • Advice, drafting and negotiation of tenancy agreements and leases, taking into account current case law
  • Terminations/challenges/cancellations of tenancy agreements
  • Conducting of litigation for landlords and tenants with a focus on eviction actions
  • Conduct of litigation in the context of appointment representation for law firms
  • Professional rent collection for selected real estate companies (from collection of rent, utilities, etc. to foreclosure actions)

We kindly ask you to contact another law firm if you have any inquiries regarding rent disputes, rent increases or service charge settlements, as we no longer offer these areas due to our specialization.

Appointment representation

You are a representative of a law firm or active as a lawyer yourself and cannot attend a court date in the Stuttgart area? We are happy to represent your clients in court.

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In charge for Tenancy law:

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