Immigration law

Do you want to obtain a residence permit? Do you have problems with the German embassy in your home country because of labor migration? Are you about to be deported?

A large number of questions concerning aliens law are dealt with in summary proceedings. Deadlines under immagration and asylum law are often very short. If an application for a residence permit is rejected, an objection has no suspensive effect, so that immediate enforcement of a deportation is the rule. It is therefore important to seek legal advice without delay.

The law on foreigners has been subject to change for years and, especially in this area, legal requirements and formulations are often difficult for non-lawyers to understand. In the legal protection of foreigners, we take into account the constant innovations in legislation and case law. We represent several hundred clients each year with a high degree of specialization and are very experienced in dealing with authorities and courts.

Our areas of expertise in aliens law:

  • Right of residence
  • Citizenship law
  • Freedom of movement/EU
  • Labor and social law
  • Refugee law

We accompany you from the first application at the immigration office until the objection or court proceedings.

We kindly ask you to contact another law firm in case of inquiries regarding family reunification or deportation detention law, as we no longer offer these areas due to our specialization.

Please call us to make an appointment for an initial consultation. Please be punctual and bring all relevant documents with you. If you are unable to attend an appointment, please cancel it by telephone so that we can assign the appointment to other clients.

Appointment representation

You are a representative of a law firm or active as a lawyer yourself and cannot attend a court date in the Stuttgart area? We are happy to represent your clients in court.

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